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It was nearly 6 years ago, I began a yoga teacher training program. I was NOT the stereotypical likely candidate – I wasn’t flexible, I hadn’t been practicing regularly, I couldn’t even touch my toes. Seriously. It seemed a little crazy and yet, I wanted to do something I’d never done before. I was scared, but I decided to do it anyway.

I was ready for a change in my life.

I was tired of feeling so tight and constricted in my body. My flexibility was minimal and the aches and pains in my back and my knees were consistent.

I was seriously stressed out and I wanted to learn more about how yoga could help me find more balance in my body and my mind.




For 9 months I practiced yoga at least 3 times a week. I created my own practices, I took classes at studios, I did YouTube yoga classes, and I practiced with my teacher training group.

It was hard, but I can do hard things – hard and incredibly rewarding, amazing things.

Little by little my body began to change, as did my stress level. Consistent movement, relaxation, meditation, and breath work made a significant positive impact on my body AND my mind. The compound effect of consistent practice has been HUGE!

One day, I was in a standing forward bend and realized I was touching my toes! I know, it may sound trivial, but having honestly not been able to do so since tumbling class when I was 5 years old, I was AMAZED.



My body now moves in ways it never has. I feel better in my body than I ever have.

It’s so much more flexible. It’s strong. It’s stable. It’s powerful.

I’ve learned to breathe deeper and move more intentionally.

I’ve learned to manage my stress through deliberate breathing, movement and intention (mindset & thought work – essentially the essence of life coaching.)


I’ve learned to trust myself and my body.
I’ve learned to listen to it.
I know what it needs.


And all of this translates into every area of my life. When I take the time to listen, to actively engage, to participate intentionally, to create a mindset in alignment with my dreams, life flows more easily. The bumps in the road are less intense and don’t throw me off course. I am able to maneuver through life’s challenges with more flexibility, strength and power.

When I find myself resisting or trying to white knuckle my way through life, I remember what yoga has taught me. There is an ebb and flow to this life. Without contrast we are stagnant. We must be out of balance to know what it is to get back into it. There are always opposing forces and when we learn to accept this, we can experience rich, interesting, fulfilling life.

The full practice of yoga (movement, meditation, breath work & intention) brings balance & union – union of all that is – union of MIND, BODY, SOUL – THE TRUE YOU.


Have a beautiful and inspired day,




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