The Sky is the Limit

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If you imagine a More intentional life & goals that seems out of reach… 

But it’s time to make it REAL 

You have spent so much of your life working hard. Unbearably hard. You’ve been driving yourself in the direction of something for so long, but you’ve forgotten why…was it success? Acceptance? In this moment that reason seems superficial, and you feel a little lost. 

You are successful in the eyes of others. But you aren’t happy. You know that the nagging feeling of pursuing something bigger is inside of you.

You’ve spent so long pursuing other things, that now it feels like a dream to listen to that pull. The pull to live the life of your dreams.

And why? Because you feel like they’re unrealistic. Somehow selfish. Maybe the people you love most have looked at you oddly when you’ve brought it up in the past…

But you can’t ignore that pull any more. You want to step out and finally commit to letting your passions become a greater part of your life. 

If you feel that pull…

Then we need to talk. It’s in these moments when we listen to ourselves and connect to what we innately feel driven to do that we feel the most alive.

I want you to know that what you want could be real. That it IS possible…

The effort you put in, the time that you spend, the way that you look at the world…it could all be focused in the direction of what you feel the most connected to.

Your biggest dreams can become real if you want them to.

Honest coaching for driven & restless warriors



The first step in bringing dreams to life is realizing that we have ownership over our lives. That when we take accountability for our own actions and inactions, we can get clear on what to do next.



Imagining what’s possible sounds so easy. But have you really stepped into what could be available to you? Let’s explore what things in your life you want to expand & experience.


Part of the power of coaching work is the awareness it gives you. Letting you step out of your own beliefs and knowledge to witness a fresh perspective and clarity on what is creating your current life.

What kind of coaching is possible ?

Coaching Services

Dream Lifestyle creation

Let’s take some time to sit down and really get clear on what it is that you want in your life – and WHY. I help you dive into your dreams to get clear on exactly what your life’s vision is.

Goal & Discipline Work

We will work on getting into the details & action items that will bring your dreams into the realm of possibility. This begins with creating obtainable goals and pulling them into your daily routine so you are progressing daily towards your passion.

Possibility thoughtwork

Here we spend time getting really clear on how you’re thinking about what you have in your life, and what you want to have in your life. Where are you feeling stuck or lost? Where do you feel connected? Your brain is your most powerful asset, it’s time to explore what’s possible.

I’m Brittany

Your Dream Guide & Lover of life’s possibilities

I live and breathe adventure & travel. Creating a life that I feel connected to and inspired by has been my lifelong pursuit. It was only in the past 5 years with life coaching that I was able to transition my dreams to goals and then, finally, reality. Now I run my own business, travel and explore the world, and help the movers and shakers of the world connect to their passions.

This work started with Brooke Castillo’s Life Coach School about 5 years ago. From her work and the work of many other brilliant coaches, I discovered the work that has excellerated so much possibility and awareness that I didn’t know was possible.

Since then Ive commited myself to helping others learn more about themselves and learn to manage their minds with more awareness and discipline. I want to share what’s possible with others so they can achieve their dreams and connect to what they most desire.  I truly believe that when people are connected in this way, the world becomes a better and more beautiful place for everyone.

It’s lead me here, where my love of adventure & life coaching come hand-in-hand to support the badasses of the world who want to change the way they show up in the world. I love any passing opportunity to talk with people about what lights them up when they think about bringing their dream life into the realm of possibility, and then reality.

I’m unstoppable when it comes to pushing limits and helping driven dreamers communicate what they want to create in their life. Want to talk about what’s possible for you?


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